Musing over a Rustic Affair

As promised yesterday, I’m revealing the project that

I’m working on for the next few weeks and as the title suggest, it is indeed the making of a Rustic Affair.

And here is my Inspiration Board!

A Rustic Affair

You can get the links to the photos here:

1. DIY Succulent Pallete Table, via Far Out Flora.

2. Baby’s Breath Bouquet, via Intimate Weddings.

3. DIY Portable Fire Pit, by Karen

4. Cupcake Topping Bar,via

5. Mini Cakes, via

So far, the challenges in creating this vision has been complicated since things
aren’t easy to come by here in Malaysia (especially furniture and DIY stuff). So trying to turn this into a reality on a budget seems like a dim vision but you wanna know something? I always loved a challenge! So do join me on this little adventure into the making of A Night in A Rustic Affair and I’ll share my tips and discoveries along the way.

I’m also collaborating with another designer and DIY die hard fan for this project. I’ll introduce you guys to him soon!

But what’s the little event all about you ask? Just stay tuned for the big reveal…

3 thoughts on “Musing over a Rustic Affair

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