A Place In My Home

Let’s revisit the pallet tables today!!
(read more about it here)

About 2 weeks ago, I had to find a place to showcase my new pallet tables…
I found a place for it inside my house!
(I had intended it to be put outside as a poolside lounge seating area but opted against that due to the fact that I’m too in love with the tables)

The living room!

Well, you see…
The story behind this is that even though the dining table has been changed since 2o years ago…
but its position has been in that same exact spot for more than 20 years ago!

So I just had to change it up…
After lifting, rotating, lifting some more, re-rotating and re-rotating….

I present to you…..

Just another place to chill

And the next day I went off to get more cushions to make it even more cozy…

So now it looks like this!

cushions and ducks

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